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Cyber Defence, Protective Monitoring, Security Analytics – it’s all about the data!

It’s pointless building security defences based on event data that we can’t verify or trust, or data whose providence we can’t be sure of. Bad security data means bad security decisions, or worse, no security decisions.
At Assuria we know this and our customers know this. Government departments, defence agencies, SOC operators and commercial companies around the world which rely on our Log Management, SIEM, FIM and Data Analytics software solutions know this. 
It’s what Assuria is best known for - building robust, resilient, scalable and cost effective SOC and Security Monitoring solutions where data integrity, availability, completeness and sound providence are of paramount importance. 

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Assuria Software Solutions

Our core software products include:

ALM SIEM  -  Trusted, robust, resilient and proven defence grade SIEM & File Integrity Monitoring
ALM Log Manager  -  Enterprise wide, defence grade log data collection, storage, management, archiving and reporting
CyberSight  -  Next gen big data security analytics
SOC Management Platform  -  Multi-tenant vSOC automation and virtualisation platform
Assuria Auditor  -  Vulnerability Assessment, Configuration Assurance & Server Hardening


Assuria IT Security Solutions allow you to regain control of your IT infrastructure and comply with regulatory standards through automated security intelligence gathering, protective monitoring, configuration assurance and the creation of forensic audit trails.

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