Examine raw, original or tagged log data and then refine using on-the-fly queries. Save these queries for further analysis or use them to create dashboard widgets or custom reports.

Textual Search

Search events using free text or regular expressions. You can search for a given user, machine or file name. Narrow your search by using event tags/field values, standard true, false, and standard comparison operators. Or search across your complete log store.

Time Analysis

Use hierarchical sunburst analysis to explore data over time. Finding time-based patterns of behavior can be complex in large data-sets. Using a multi-tier starburst visualization, you can easily drill-down through time periods and hierarchical event attributes, such as users or systems. You can do this to identify unusual occurrences or peak periods of activity.

Statistical Analysis

Investigate your data using threshold and outlier analysis. By understanding the relative occurrence or frequency of behaviors on your systems it gives you a more accurate detection of anomalies. By discovering the normal or expected patterns of activity, you can identify exceptions to these patterns based on evidence rather than rule-of thumb thresholds.

Force Directed Graphs

Explore your data connections for suspect patterns. By finding relationships between event attributes allows the uncovering of hidden patterns and normal behaviors within event data. By graphically plotting relationships you can rapidly visualize normal activity and identify unexpected interactions, allowing more focused exception reporting.

Information At Your Fingertips

Cybersight’s new analytics allow you to identify the information you need, quicker, faster and more efficiently than ever before. New query tools allow you to create use simple or complex criteria to view your log data in new and exciting ways.