Our solutions and services

Developed entirely in-house, in the UK, Assuria security monitoring and assessment software solutions are used in demanding, highly classified Government environments in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan and Hong Kong. Our solutions also easily meet the cyber security needs of commercial and public sector organisations from SMEs to large enterprises in almost every business sector.

Our on-premise software solutions, SaaS services and fully managed security service solutions provide security monitoring, detection and response, vulnerability management and configuration assurance services to organisations utilising in-house data centres, hosted data centres, hybrid cloud and full public cloud environments.

Our customers

Assuria licensed customers range from large Government and commercial enterprises, through to mid-enterprises in almost every business sector, as well as SME’s of all kinds. Increasingly, our SIEM technology is used in SOC Operations (both internal SOC’s and external MSSP’s). Our largest MSSP SOC customer worldwide is JSOC Japan. Tokyo based JSOC uses ALM-SIEM, Assuria’s award winning Forensic SIEM technology to enable provision of monitoring, detection and response (MDR) managed services to more than 900 companies and public sector organisations across Japan.

A growing number of smaller MSSP’s also use ALM-SIEM as part of our SOC Partner Programme, in which Assuria provides its full MSSP technology and business materials and support package to partners which have added an MSSP operation to their existing business in order to deliver highly effective MDR managed services to their existing customers.