Assuria Cloud Security Monitoring Suite

Traditionally used by the most demanding commercial and government customers, with complex IT estates distributed across multiple locations, Assuria’s ALM-SIEM technology is designed to bring this same level of efficiency and integrity to the challenge of monitoring security in the cloud.

ALM-SIEM software technology works in fully integrated native mode across public cloud, private cloud and on-premise data centres, allowing delivery of a common security monitoring solution across the whole spectrum of enterprise computing. Existing Assuria ALM-SIEM users can easily extend their ALM deployment into AWS, MS Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) today, bringing Cloud operational and security data into their on-premise or AWS hosted ALM-SIEM protective monitoring (ProMon) service. Cloud security data could be appearing in your alerting dashboards in a matter of hours!

More About ACSMS

A single solution for Security Monitoring in the on-premise data centre, hosted data centre and the public cloud.

Assuria Ltd has launched ACSMS, providing security monitoring and compliance solutions for users of public cloud computing services.

ACSMS delivers a range of IT security monitoring solutions for enterprises using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Oracle OCI. ACSMS provides an easy path for Cloud users to benefit from corporate data centre levels of security and compliance monitoring in their Cloud operations. ACSMS will soon be available on Google Cloud computing platforms.

Deeper Look At ACSMS

Most first generation security information and event management (SIEM) solutions are unable to collect and process the new types of rich security and operations data available from cloud providers such as AWS MS Azure and OCI.

But, ACSMS works seamlessly in public cloud environments and enables AWS and Azure customers to exploit the security and operational data available from core Cloud services (including AWS Cloudwatch, AWS CloudTrail, S3, MS O365, MS Defender, MS Azure etc.) for security monitoring, forensic investigations, operational efficiency and compliance purposes.

Assuria ACSMS is built on ALM-SIEM, a hybrid SIEM and forensic log management technology that has been designed to collect, secure, analyse and process any format of data. If required, ALM-SIEM can be configured to normalise and export to third party analytics services in the correct form and with the minimum loss of integrity and while still retaining and securely storing the original and complete log files.