Network Traffic Monitoring (NTM) Solutions

Critical network performance and security considerations are forcing an increasing number of government and commercial organisations to find a way of monitoring and better understanding their network traffic. There is often a need to understand who is using network bandwidth, which resources they are using, who or what these users are communicating with, and for what purpose. This network activity intelligence may be needed for compliance, management or protection purposes.

Traditional in-line IDS and Deep Packet Inspection systems can provide this network intelligence, but there is an inevitable trade-off with such in-line solutions, including possible risk of network service interruption or restriction of network performance. Cost and complexity can also be extremely high, and with most IDS systems being licensed on an Events Per Second (EPS) basis, costs can be highly unpredictable.

Advanced software based network traffic monitoring and analysis from Assuria:

Assuria offers a proven, flexible, easy to implement and extensible software based Network Traffic Monitoring (NTM) solution which does not directly touch the critical network infrastructure. Instead, it taps network traffic in parallel with normal operations and processes it out of band, in near real time. Inbound and outbound traffic can be monitored.

Previously found mostly in government environments, Assuria NTM solutions bring advanced network traffic monitoring and analysis easily within reach of almost any organisation.

Deeper Look At NTM

The Assuria NTM solution is based on Assuria Log Manager (ALM), our well established, CCTM accredited, SIEM and Log Management technology. Assuria NTM is primarily an off the shelf solution, leveraging ALM’s analysis, correlation and anomaly detection capabilities blended with a small amount of custom data manipulation and report generation in order to meet specific customer requirements. Almost any kind of network traffic can be monitored and processed.

As well as zero network infrastructure risk or impact, the Assuria NTM solution has been designed to offer extremely high performance and resilience, features which may be particularly important in a security context. The high performance and efficient alerting features within the Assuria NTM solution allow rapid reaction to potential security threats, in near real time. And as a pure software solution, with modest hardware requirements, low cost and total deployment flexibility are assured!

Assuria can provide detailed sizing and performance metrics based on current live NTM implementations, as well as full implementation support services in any region.