ALM-SIEM is a CESG CCTM Accredited Forensic SIEM/Log Management solution, Used by government agencies, major commercial organisations, local government departments and IT service providers to deliver IT security intelligence and visibility of system activity.


ALM-FIM is a new File Integrity Monitoring solution which is delivered as a fully integrated function within ALM-SIEM. Critical assets to be monitored can be specific pre-defined assets in addition to the built-in ALM-FIM automated monitoring and reporting of standard package changes.


DataSense, which is built upon ALM-SIEM, is a secure, configurable, at scale data streaming platform. DataSense can be configured to harvest and safely store almost any kind of data from a vast range of sources, and to filter, enrich, transform and export the transformed data to almost any accessible internal or external service.


Assuria’s SOC Management Platform allows our partners to rapidly establish their own easy to manage multi-tenant SOC/MSSP operations from scratch. Automated and vitualised provisioning and service configuration features are built-in. Assuria’s ALM-SIEM, ALM-FIM and ALM-VAS software solutions are tightly integrated, providing a powerful and integrated MSSP delivery platform.


Assuria Auditor provides automated enterprise class Vulnerability Assessment, Configuration Assurance and Change Monitoring for servers and endpoints through a blend of resident agent and remote agentless scanning approaches.