Key Features:

Vulnerability Assessment

Assuria Auditor utilises a comprehensive built-in Knowledge Base of known security vulnerabilities, security control configurations, up to date patch checks and security best practice information to enable organisations to easily bring their IT infrastructure up to high standards of security.

Regulatory Standards Compliance

The comprehensive built-in security database includes mappings of each of Assuria Auditor’s 2500+ security configuration checks to appropriate references within a range of standards such as ISO 27001, GPG-13, BS17799, PCI-DSS, and others. This makes it easy to assess server compliance against these standards. 

Internal Policy and Build Standards Compliance

As well as monitoring compliance with external standards and accepted best practice in security configuration, Assuria Auditor can easily be customised to allow users to adjust checks and policies and write new checks to match the specific requirements of an organisation’s own security policy.

Change Detection and File Integrity Monitoring

System administrators and corporate network management systems can be alerted to unexpected or un-authorised configuration changes, or changes to critical system elements and applications. Powerful change detection management features allow rapid assessment and reporting of suspicious or potentially troublesome changes.

Automated operations and alerting

Assuria Auditor has a powerful built-in scheduling subsystem which allows scanning and integrity checking operations to be fully automated. Once systems have been brought up to the required level of security configuration, for the most part,scanning operations should be looking for exceptions and suspicious changes to critical system components.

Inventory Reporting

Assuria Auditor provides powerful inventory assessment and reporting features, listing all hardware and software components installed, active services, open ports and much more, greatly assisting asset managers and internal auditors.

Assuria Auditor Information Manager

The Assuria Auditor results database contains vast amounts of valuable and hard to get system information that until now was a hidden goldmine. Now this resource is accessible via AIM – a powerful and easy to use analysis and reporting feature. 

Extensible Knowledge Base

Assuria Auditor offers huge flexibility and extensibility. The built-in knowldge base of vulnerability tests, patch checks, compliance assessment checks and security best practice can be extended through a simple to use interface, even allowing addition of entirely new checks, modified checks and creation of custom policies.

Server Security Assured with Assuria Auditor

Assuria Auditor provides automated Vulnerability Assessment and Configuration Assurance for servers and endpoints through a blend of Resident Agent and Remote Agentless scanning approaches.

  • Server hardening
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Change detection
  • Inventory Reporting

Evolved over a period of 15 years, Assuria Auditor is used by central government agencies, financial services companies, local authorities, education organisations and other commercial organisations in more than 30 countries worldwide.

As a software only solution, employing a unique blend of agent based and agentless scanning techniques and probably the widest system coverage in the industry, Assuria Auditor forms a critical element of the IT security infrastructure for some of the largest organisations in the world.