Managed Security Services:

Assuria’s Managed Security Services are built upon Assuria’s globally deployed and respected SIEM/FIM and SOC Platform technologies and these proven services are already deployed in numerous UK Government departments, defence organisations and other commercial companies to build powerful cyber defences and to manage cyber threats, delivered as a managed service.

Assuria SOC partners, including MDR Managed Services Ltd, MDS Technologies, Securious, SecureArm, ROC Technologies and SIS Industrial Cyber Security have established their own MSSP operations on Assuria’s technology. They deliver GPG-13 based Protective Monitoring and MDR services to customers of all sizes in numerous market sectors, fully backed up by the Assuria SOC operation located in Reading, where the Assuria technology is developed. Other managed services available through Assuria and specialist SI partners includes data enrichment and transformation services using Assuria’s DataSense technology platform.

More About MSS

Assuria offers a range of managed security monitoring services which utilise the company’s Enterprise grade cyber security software solutions, as used by major end user organisations and Security Operations Centre (SOC) operators from the US through to Japan. These services are delivered as fully managed services, with no need to licence software or to employ skilled practitioners.

These services provide essential security intelligence, early warning alerts and advice on remediating security issues and where needed, deep forensic investigations services for those organisations which don’t have the skills, resources or budgets, or the desire to manage their own cyber security defences.

In most cases there are limited if any up front costs involved in engaging Assuria or one of its partners to deliver fully managed cyber security services, just a manageable monthly fee.

Deeper Look At MSS

Many organisations, in trying to build their own in-house cyber security operations, have struggled to employ or retain skilled IT security specialists, even if they have the budgets. Without these essential skilled practitioners, using cyber security technologies to reduce business risk can be extremely difficult. This can lead to failure to comply with key cyber security standards, especially data protection (e.g. GDPR) regulations.

This increasing shortage of skilled Cyber Security practitioners is restricting the value that many organisations can gain from the use of advanced security threat solutions and is forcing large numbers of organisations to outsource their cyber security risk management to third party service providers.

To meet this need, Assuria and its SOC Partners offer a range of Managed Security Services and SaaS services so that any organisation can manage their cyber security threat risk without having to acquire solutions or hire expensive and rare security talent. These managed security services are available for on-premise data centres, hosted systems, hybrid and full cloud based environments (including MS Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

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